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At Union 9, we try and keep it simple. If your not sure which Printing method to choose, send us your design and we can advise on the best process.

Designs should be sent in High Resolution (As big as possible) PNG format with any unwanted background removed.


Printing Methods

We offer a range of printing methods for various textiles such as T-shirts, Tote bags, Hoodies etc. All our printing methods are of the highest quality and will stand the test of time.

Our printing methods can be seen below:

DTG Printing - This is the best solution one of or for smaller orders (under 100). DTG offers full colour printing for all graphics and or photographic images. If you can print your design on paper with a regular printer, we can print it on a T-shirt for you.

Screen Printing - This process is best for larger orders 100+. The quality is great and long lasting but the colour range is more limited than for DTG (max 5 colours). Screen printing is also cheaper than DTG when ordering large orders.

Vinyl Printing - Vinyl is best for single colour designs. It's hard wearing and long lasting, a great process for text based designs.

Heat transfer Printing - This is the cheapest option but the quality is not as good as DTG. White shirts are good quality with a soft hand but darker colours the print is quite thick. It works good for shirts for one off events like Stag or Hen parties, holiday groups etc.

Any questions on any of the above then get in touch here

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