T-Shirt printing Dropshipping services from Berlin, Germany by Union 9 T-Shirt printers


At Union 9, we try to offer a more personalised service to suit your needs. Rather than offering a one size fits all model we will work with you to set up a process that works for us both and can be adapted as you grow. Any questions then email us at info@union-nine.com with the subject dropship



European Base

       Based in Berlin, Germany in the heart of Europe, we are well placed to supply your customers throughout

       the continent and beyond.

        We will print ant then ship your orders worldwide from our base in Germany. We offer a reliable and well

        priced postage with a 3 day turnaround from receiving orders.

        Our dropshipping postal rates are some of the most competitive in the world. Starting at €6.50 for any sized

        T-Shirt, which includes worldwide tracking.

         Our dropshipping service is free to join. The only requirement is that you have a sales channel up.



Contact us for more info.

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